Jail for Darling and Brown?

At last some sense being talked by the people at the top of the money tree! Calls today from some members of the monetary policy committee, to engage in further quantitative easing.

Let us hope that if George Osborne can be convinced to turn his back on his multi millionaire roots and think first about us, the people, and not his money bag friends, then he won’t make the same mistake as Alistair Darling and hand the money to the banks.

Any money created by the government should be introduced into circulation through the Treasury via Government departments; namely in the pay packets of our nurses, soldiers and teachers, and therefore debt free. At the stroke of a pen here is a saving of 4.5 billion pounds of debt interest on deficit borrowing for this year.

If such action were to be met with a hike in interest rates by our existing bond holders, then it ought to be seen as an act of war. And we should turn our attentions from the caves of Afghanistan, and start bombing the offices of the IMF, the real global terrorists.

Further, the failure of Alistair Darling to understand the workings of the monetary system (and Gordon Brown before him) should in my opinion be the subject of some lengthy jail time for both!

Author: Dave Yates

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