Post General Election 2010

In many respects we have moved closer to our ideal of an apolitical democracy. The country has chosen not to wholly endorse any of the three tired old tribes and yet the parties continue to scrabble amongst the rubble in an entirely undemocratic process of ‘king making’.

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Short Crime statement

The figures just released suggest that the increase in crime has been largely attributable to the theft of car aerials! One wonders how many of these simply fell off and are lying on the side of the M4. Are we really suggesting that the police should prioritise this, in preference to arresting the drug dealers who are peddling to our children? Is the recording of such trivial losses in any way indicative of levels of crime or the...

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David Yates Apolitical Flyer

“I want to see an end to big party tribal politics. As your MP I will be accountable only to you the people. Currently the views of the people of Newbury are not represented in parliament. Instead we have a member of a major party representing the views of the grandees of that party, to us in the constituency.”

We need to take full control of the banks we have already bailed out, and use them as the Nation’s bank, issuing our own money rather than borrowing it.

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