David Yates Apolitical Flyer

David Yates Apolitical Democrat Candidate Newbury 2010

David Yates is your local Apolitical candidate for Newbury.

“I want to see an end to big party tribal politics. As your MP I will be accountable only to you the people. Currently the views of the people of Newbury are not represented in parliament. Instead we have a member of a major party representing the views of the grandees of that party, to us in the constituency.”

If like David you think it’s time to:

  • Stop gangs of people roaming our streets all day with cans of
    strong lager
  • Scrap Police targets that make it more productive to arrest
    quantities of drug users, while doing nothing to stop the drug
  • Stop councils granting planning applications that replace large
    town centre family houses & gardens, with blocks of so-called
    ‘affordable’ homes. These are then allocated, not to families, but
    to single people whose “disability qualification” for social housing
    is merely their addiction
  • Require the work shy to attend a community works programme
    for five days a week
  • Stop Britain borrowing from unnamed faceless individuals who
    operate within the worlds money markets, charging usury interest

Then it’s time for a new way of thinking in government.

So vote Apolitical Democrats on the 6th May.

Vote David Yates

We are currently £777 billion in debt & under the current proposals
from all 3 main parties this is set to rise by another £690 billion over
the next 4 years. By the end of this next parliament we will owe a
staggering £1.5 trillion.

If that is allowed to happen, every child and young person in
education today, 10 million souls, will have to work for their entire
lives to repay the borrowing. The income tax levied against an
additional 14 million people, will be needed just to pay the interest.
24 million people will be slaves to the national debt.

Under current proposals the only way of securing more borrowing
will be to increase the size of the workforce through immigration.

But we do have a choice! We can choose not to burden future
generations with this debt, if only we do something now.

Alistair Darling printed £200 billion last year for the privately owned
banks to use as they saw fit.

We need to take full control of the banks we have already bailed out,
and use them as the Nation’s bank, issuing our own money rather
than borrowing it.

By changing the system we can:

  • Scrap income tax on earnings below £40K pa.
  • Reduce NI to 5% for employees and 0% for employers
  • Afford to create new jobs by providing debt free money for
    sustainable and renewable energy projects
  • Afford to have debt free, state of the art schools and hospitals,
    and to look after our elders properly.

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