Mark Knight Candidate for Newbury Town Council


Moving with my job in the energy industry, I came to Newbury some 25 years ago, where we raised our family who were all educated at local schools. A strong believer in the strength of the community, I was one of the founding members of Clay Hill Association and its first Chair.

I’ve also been trying to engage local communities in sustainable energy and once via Sustainable Newbury together with trying to set up Community cooperatives to deliver their own broadband.

Disappointed with the official patronising attitudes and secrecy surrounding to the very large expenditure on the Victoria Park ‘cracks’ debacle, with another community activist, I’ve been trying to ensure we can actually see the reports we’ve paid so much for so we can make our own decision as to what should happen next. We all know that the only winners in legal cases that drag on so long are the lawyers, and particularly in these time of recession, this money could have been put to far better use; such as installing a fence round the Children’s Play Park!

Nationally, providing a little help and encouragement to the UK Womb Transplant Trust.

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